My failed marriage made me a relationship expert – Blessing CEO

Nigerian social media influencer and controversial relationship expert, Blessing Okoro popularly known as Blessing CEO, says her failed marriage motivated her to be a relationship coach.

Blessing CEO disclosed this during an online TV show with Vanguard Lunch Date, citing that most men do not cheat intentionally but as a result of their vulnerability.

When asked why marriages are breaking up, She revealed how she survived domestic violence in her former marriage.

“People need to understand that the things happening in your marriage are not strange, it happens everywhere, the only thing therapy does for you is to tell you the limit to what you can bare.

She said, “I have been married and divorced before, I know what I bared in the marriage before I finally said I don’t want to do it anymore, mine was domestic violence, normal misunderstandings can be sorted as it happens in every home. But with therapy, people would be able to iron out trivial issues that usually lead to disagreements.

Stating that her interest in relationship therapy was a result of the issues she faced in her marriage.”